"Pay Pro" payment platform offers financial solutions for online payments and transfers for individuals as well as businesses.

For individuals:

  • Your personal "Pay Pro" account
  • Full-featured online payment account on
  • Transfers between "Pay Pro" users (instant payments)
  • Order and registration of a VISA debit card
  • Online and offline payment for goods and services using a debit card linked to "Pay Pro" account
  • Top-ups from a debit card
  • Withdrawals to a debit card
  • Top-ups and withdrawals using bank transfers
  • Transfers from "Pay Pro" to a VISTA account
  • Transfers from a VISTA account to your "Pay Pro" account


For businesses:

  • "Pay Pro" business account
  • API merchant to be used on the merchant’s website and to automate reception of payments from individuals
  • Transfers from "Pay Pro" to the merchant’s account
  • Transfers from the merchant’s account to "Pay Pro" account
  • Possibility of mass payments and payments to individuals
  • Complex orders and VISA (Pay Pro) service packages